Welcome to the Congress of Black Women of Canada – Ontario Region.

The Congress of Black Women of Canada is a national non-profit organization, started by Kay Livingstone in 1973.  The organization  is dedicated to improving the lives of all Black women and their families in their local and national communities.  The Congress of Black Women of Canada evolved from the Canadian Negro Women’s Association (CANEWA) which was founded in 1951 by a small group of Black women in Toronto.   In recognition of the significance of self respect and self esteem to Black people, CANEWA’s chief goal was to expand Black consciousness in Canada and beyond.

The Congress of Black Women of Canada – Ontario Region provides leadership and direction to create and maintain relationship among the Ontario chapters. With a focus on Kay Livingstone’s vision to assist black women and their families, we collaborate to deliver programs and events that address child development, education, health, housing, pension, racism, sexism and human rights. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our vision for the future.

Mission:  To provide a forum for Black Women to identify and address issues which affect them, their families and their community, thereby enabling them to improve their lives.

Vision:  The Ontario region strives to promote organizational visibility, facilitate consistency of leadership and coordinate responses to the concerns and issues of all Ontario chapters.


  • To provide a cohesive structure through which the Ontario Chapters can work effectively.
  • To research and provide relevant information regarding issues which affect black women and their families.
  • To provide a non-threatening forum through which Black Women can express their views and seek support.
  • To facilitate cooperation among the chapters
  • To enhance the effectiveness of the chapters by providing leadership and organizational skills
  • To strengthen the chapter through commitment and accountability to the region and the national executive
  • To promote the Congress by building relationship with government agencies, other organizations and community resources.
  • To heighten visibility of the work of the Congress throughout the province.
  • Membership:  Membership is open to black women 16 years of age or older, OR any organization whose purpose and objectives are similar to those of the organization.

Provincially, the business of the Congress is supervised by the Regional Representative.

Locally, members elect executive members who, with the assistance of the Provincial Representative, maintain and direct the chapter and its programs.

The business of the Congress is supervised by the Regional Representative whose role is to create and support chapters, liaison with the National Executive Council, as well as communicate with other community organizations and government institutions.

Regional meetings are held every three months; members from all chapters meet to review, support, and strategize for ongoing Congress advancement. Workshops and presentations are quite often a part of the Regional meeting agenda.

Executive Team – The Executive Team is comprised of elected members from Ontario region. We all work together to ensure that the needs of the Chapters are met.

Loris Thomas – Regional Representative;  Marcia Dixon – Alternate Representative;  Rosalind Burton-Wood – Treasurer; Secretary – vacant